Price list

Terms and conditions of bicycles rental

Orders and bookings:

Equipment can be booked online, by email at or give us a call: (+420) 220172093.

We always confirm your reservation.

When booking more pieces of equipment / more than 2p per item / you need to pass a deposit in advance to bind your reservation / 10% of the total amount which you will pay when picking up the equipment /. This amount can be paid either in cash in the rental office, or it can be transferred to an account. Account number will be sent promptly after making your reservation.

Deposit and refund:

The refundable deposit is put down in the rental office before picking up the equipment /see the pricelist/. For large reservations with a lot of material, it is possible to agree on a reduction of the total amount to be deposited. The deposit is to be paid in cash only. The cos of the rental is paid when returning the material, the total price will be charged without the deposit.

The customer returns the equipment without any damage. In case the equipment is returned with a damage, customer is charged the cost of the reparation. In the case of major damage or loss of borrowed equipment, the customer undertakes the financial compensation in the amount of normal market prices of the used equipment.

The bike must be returned clean without coarse impurities. Otherwise we charge a fee of CZK 100 for cleaning the bike.

  • Bikes can be transported anywhere based on your requirements. We will send you the calculation upon request.
  • We have 50 bikes so we can take large groups as well.
  • Guided tours are also offered in English.

Price list

Item up to 2 days up to 6 days up to 11 days more than 11 days deposit
Mountain bike 26" 320,- 280,-         220,- 180,- 2000,-
Mountain bike 29" 1x11 540,- 490,- 450,- 400,- 3000,-
Mountain bike 29" 1x10 490,- 450,- 390,- 350,- 3000,-
Mountain bike 29" 3x9 420,- 390,- 320,- 280,- 2000,-
Treking bike 320,- 280,- 220,- 180,- 3000,-
Bicycle helmet 45,- 40,- 30,- 20,- 300,-
Child seat
(Hamax Siesta)
140,- 120,- 100,- 80,- 1000,-
Rear wheel carrier 70,- 55,- 40,- 30,- 200,-
Bag carrier 70,- 55,- 40,- 30,- 200,-
Bike carrier on the roof 120,- 90,- 60,- 50,- 1000,-
Roof racks 70,- 60,- 50,- 40,- 1000,-